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Mister Ken

"Shining Star"

"I cried because I had no shoes, then I met a man who had no feet."

Oh yes, 'oft times we've read the phrase, but does it not a question raise?
I've met a man who 'ner complains, tho life has dealt him grief and pains.
He's suffered so, by fellow man, yet dignity he holds in hand!
Perhaps we should take heed from Ken, a "shining star" above most men.
His humor keeps me laughing when, a sad day seems, will never end!
If anyone would wish to share, Ken's "Coffee Shop" is always there.
He'll lend a hand to help us all, yes, "Mister" Ken you do stand "tall!"
If all mankind could be as you, then "all" could see and take the cue.
Accept each other just as we are, not judging by the outward scar.
Your wisdom, kindness, and patient way, always brighten a cloudy day.
We love you Ken for all you are, a true and brilliant "Shining Star!"
by: Samantha

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